Secure documents are essential for your business.

In an increasingly paperless world, companies are struggling to keep their digital files secure. Cryptium Docs has all the tools you need to share, track, and protect your files and documents at an amazingly affordable price.

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  • Encrypted storage
  • Protected documents
  • Receipt notification
  • E-signatures
  • Dynamic watermarking
  • Leaked document alerts
  • Download pay-wall
  • Access control
  • Smart inbox
  • Cloud storage
  • Workflows

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You need to securely share documents with clients. You need to allow clients to securely share documents with you. You need clients to electronically sign and return documents to you. You need access control for sensitive documents. You need to get paid before someone downloads a document. You need a secure place to store a lot of documents. You need to find out when a confidential document has been leaked on the surface, deep, or dark web. You need these things to be part of a larger workflow so you can automate your business. You can have it all.

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"HR, sales, finance, engineering -- We're using it everywhere."

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"We love the APIs! We are building on this. Keep up the great work."

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"So easy to use! My clients like this much better than the old system."

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"Great for sharing pitch decks with investors who won't sign an NDA."

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Keep your documents safe

Get connected

Set up your account and upload documents. It only takes two minutes to get started.

Private storage

Your files are encrypted on our server so only you can see what's in them.

Receipt notification

We send a download link to one or more contacts. Get notified when they download.

The Cryptium Edge
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A typical cloud storage provider either 1) doesn't encrypt the files at all, or 2) encrypts the files in storage but can access them anytime because they have the key. That means a rogue employee can look at your files, or an over-reaching government agency can obtain those files in secret.

Software made by Cryptium takes your privacy and security to the next level. Encrypted files stored in Cryptium Docs are only accessible when you are signed in. When a contact to whom you sent a file signs in to download it, only the file that was shared is accessible, and not the rest of your files.

Professional tools

Sign and return

The easiest way to get someone to electronically sign and return your document.

Smart inbox

Let contacts send you their own documents. Get notified of new uploads.

Get paid

Save time by with payment to download or sign-and-return. Automatic invoice and receipt.

Unlimited contacts

Easily share documents with clients and avoid costly typos when sending out emails!

Protected documents

Password-protect documents so only the intended recipient can decrypt and view them.

Business tools

Unlimited users

Add as many employees or vendors as you need with our easy, self-service onboarding.

Access control

Decide who can access each document, and whether it's allowed to be shared outside the company.

Dynamic watermark

Track unauthorized sharing with a unique watermark on each downloaded document.

Leaked document alerts

Get notified if a copy of your document is found on the surface, deep, or dark web.

HIPAA compliance

Sign the HIPAA BAA and leverage our secure platform to manage client documents.

How do we identify leaked documents?
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Due to our privacy-preserving design, we don't keep a readable copy of your document for comparison. Instead, at the time you upload or share a document, we generate a set of cryptographic signatures of your document. These signatures are generated using special algorithms known as "one-way hash functions", and they can uniquely identify portions of your document in addition to the document as a whole.

These algorithms are known as "one-way" because it's extremely difficult to reconstruct the original document from them. We only use modern, strong, one-way hash functions recommended by expert cryptographers.

We partner with Cyb3r Operations to monitor the surface, deep, and dark web for copies of your documents, identified by their cryptographic signatures.

Enterprise services


Create policies about where documents can be stored or accessed and stay compliant.

Document history

Keep track of older versions of documents to prevent accidental or malicious data loss.

Access logs

Audit a document to find out who uploaded it, who accessed it, and from where.

Single sign-on

Integrate with your existing SSO using SAML or OpenID for seamless access.


Integrate any external application with Cryptium Docs using our high-powered API.

What can you secure with Cryptium Docs?

Law firms

Client documents, court documents, case files


Blueprints, schematics


Product information, process information

Sales and marketing

Contact lists, supporting documents, client requirements


Patient information, research data, vendor files


Risk assessments, penetration test reports, CTI reports

Software development

Design documents, roadmaps, quality assurance procedures


Pitch decks for sharing with investors, product plans, patent applications

Professional services

On-boarding documents, invoices

Is your industry not listed here? We'd love to know how you plan to use Cryptium Docs. Send us a note!

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Secure cloud storage and sharing for home and office use.

  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Secure file sharing
  • Receipt notification

Includes 1 GB storage. You can buy additional storage.


per month

Everything in Essential, plus these professional tools:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Custom branding
  • Download pay-wall
  • E-signatures
  • Smart inbox
  • Web preview
  • File recovery and version history

Includes 25 GB storage, with tiered pricing for additional storage.


per month

Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Team access controls
  • Protected documents
  • Dynamic watermarking
  • Leaked document alerts
  • Workflows
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • HIPAA compliance
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Remote device wipe

Includes 50 GB storage, with tiered pricing for additional storage.


per month

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Multi-site backup
  • Data residency
  • Advanced leaked document alerts (search deep and dark web)
  • Access logs
  • User auto-enrollment
  • Device approvals
  • SSO with SAML or OpenID
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • FedRAMP
  • Live phone & chat support

Includes 100 GB storage, with tiered pricing for additional storage.

Learn more about Cryptium Docs

What is dynamic watermarking?

When you use dynamic watermarking, we automatically add a unique and invisible digital watermark to each copy of a document you send. This saves you a lot of time compared to doing it manually. We then monitor the surface, deep, and dark web and send you a leaked document alert if we find unauthorized copies of your document. We can identify the source of the leak using the watermark. This is great for private and confidential documents that you have to share with clients, investors, and vendors -- with or without an NDA.

What is download pay-wall?

If you are a professional and you invoice clients for your work, you probably had a client try to stiff you on the payment at least once. The download pay-wall ensures clients are current on their balance due before they download the final deliverable. If your business involves selling digital copies of a document such as a report or e-book, you can collect payment when customers download their authorized copy. You can also allow customers to return and download their copy again. Each copy is watermarked so you can trace unauthorized copies to their source.

What is geo-fencing?

Enterprises often do business with customers who may be in foreign countries, or have office locations around the world. Governments are increasingly passing laws requiring certain kinds of private information to be stored within the same country or only in countries that use the same information security framework. It's easy to stay compliant with these requirements using Cryptium Docs. You can create geo-fencing policies to ensure that all geo-tagged documents stay within their region, and generate document access reports for compliance audits.


We are here to help you protect your privacy and security.