We have success routes, not sales funnels
Jonathan Buhacoff

You may know it as a "sales funnel", but at Cryptium we call it a "success route". Why?

If someone visits a certain page of our website, and then taps the button to schedule an appointment, attends the appointment, and becomes a customer, that person has followed a route with pre-defined steps. People are not resources to be exploited -- we respect that a person could, at any time, decide to stop following that route and do something else.

Following the success route leads to achievement of something desirable for the customer, and we are here to help.

We track people's progress along our route in order to understand how we're doing and improve our service. At the same time, we recognize and respect that they are people, and talk about both the people and the process in a respectful way.

We even call it a route in our code that generates our reports, because respect is a way of treating or thinking about something of value, or someone who is worthy, and it applies to everything we do.


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