Mistakes we make
Gustavo Buhacoff

According the the Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, human errors are the third highest ranking cause of breaches after hacking and phishing. Human errors in this context can include misconfiguration, misdelivery, publishing errors, etc. This means that a significant portion of the losses due to attacks are preventable, especially when you use LoginShield to prevent password-based attacks and phishing attacks.

The report indicates that there has been a significant increase in misconfiguration issues that led to breaches in 2019. This can be both due to more sophisticated surveillance methods hackers employ to find and exploit those errors, but also due to many industries now require mandatory reporting, resulting in more formal admissions of this type of errors that previously may have remained hidden. When designing the LoginShield SDK, we focused on making it easy to integrate into enterprise applications.

These errors could be avoided by creating better procedures to check system setup/configuration and training (not only of employees who have control of the Internet exposed storage and systems, but also everyone who uses it and even e-mail, which is often a source of unintended information leaks). We offer cybersecurity consulting services so if you need expert help in this area, contact us.

You can find the entire report here:

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report


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